Cold Weather Basics


Turtleneck | Jeans | Boots | Coat | Handbag | Sunglasses (similar)

This week I wanted to focus on some style basics. Coming back from New York Fashion Week, I always have an exciting new appreciation for colors and textures and crazy trends. As beautiful as the fashions are I need to remind myself that trends are fleeting and style can be just as beautiful when it's kept classic and simple.

As I've gotten older, my style has definitely changed for the better. I went from a preppy high schooler with popped collars (yes, popped collars), to a more risqué extreme in college (enter Forever21 spandex body-con dresses) and now I'd describe my style as mature, classic and feminine. I've grown to realize that I can look and feel just as sexy in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as I can in a tight dress. Beauty and feeling good truly does come from the inside and this realization has made me feel more comfortable than I've ever felt in my own skin. It's also difficult being in the fashion & blogging world, and trying not to compare yourself to what other girls look like and how they dress. But the reality is that we all have different body types and different personal styles. Style is also largely based on your lifestyle. If I had my choice I'd travel the world in beautiful feminine fit and flare dresses and high heels. But, wearing heels and dresses are not a part of my every day life. Since I work from home, my weekday 9-5 uniform is made up of work out pants and a sweater. This is also why I don't post outfits on my Instagram every single day, it just would not be an authentic representation of my life. When I do have a business meeting with a client or a company during the week and get dressed up, I keep it simple and comfortably professional. 

Style is also a financial investment and keeping it simple will definitely keep your wallet happy. As much as I love so many trendy items, do I really need 10 different kinds of fringe sweaters or 4 different suede jackets? Each season, I allow myself 2-3 trend items and I stick to Zara, H&M or Forever21 for these because you never know how long the trend will last. As I've been evolving my style and getting older, I've cleaned out my closet and stick to investing in the basics:  great fitting denim, classic coats and bags that you can wear with anything, heeled boots, crisp silk blouses, little black and white dresses, neutral ballet flats, etc. You'll know whether an item is a smart investment by simply asking yourself, "when will I wear this"? If the answer is every day or a few times per week- you're shopping smart.