Our Trip to Charleston

I figured I'd start this post off with the picture I took of our Dream House! There were about 52 other runner-ups, since every home in Charleston had me swooning. The Southern charm was everywhere you looked: the flickering lanterns, the Spanish moss dripping from the trees and swaying in the breeze, the beautiful flower boxes on every window and the sound of the horse hooves on the cobblestone streets. I'll take all of it! 

In the mornings we'd grab coffees and walk from our hotel to Waterfront Park, walking along the water all the way down to White Point Gardens to finish our coffees on the benches beneath the Spanish moss-covered trees and watch the boats sail by. It was just as beautiful as it sounds and I miss those mornings every day. Then, we'd wind our way through The Battery (the southern tip of Charleston that has the most beautiful homes!) and every so often we'd hear horse hooves coming down the streets. It was absolutely charming...



Valentine's Day Sweet Little Things

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays! Patrick and I don't do anything crazy - we gave up on going out to dinner years ago. We had been seated next to one too many couples sitting on the same side of the booth, making out in between courses (no joke!) and the restaurants always made us feel like we were on some sort of assembly line. I also felt like being out around tons of other people took away from the intimacy of the holiday. So, for the past few years we've opted for comfy clothes, cooking a new recipe at home that we've never tried before and putting our money towards an amazing bottle of wine.

Last year we added in the tradition of cooking and eating dinner to our wedding playlist (all the approved songs we had sent to our band), which means a few hours filled with Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Van Morrison and...

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Part 5 - 20160819-McCarthyPatrickBriana_0222.jpg

Our Wedding Day

This post has been a long time coming! Patrick and I recently celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary last month and we seriously can't figure out where the time has gone!

We weren't able to celebrate it the way we wanted - we were supposed to be in Bermuda for a little celebratory getaway but our pup tore her ACL and had emergency surgery 2 weeks before we were planning to leave! So, instead, we celebrated at home with our recuperating pup looking at all our wedding pictures, watching our wedding video, cooking an amazing meal together and eating the top tier of our wedding cake that had been sitting in our freezer {which was just as delicious as we remember!} It turned out to be the perfect one year anniversary...