Summer Dress Edit - Under $100

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. {similar here}| 7. | 8. | 9. | 10. | 11. | 12. 

It's been cold and rainy all week and it's making me more excited for summer than ever! We have an upcoming trip to my favorite city next month -Charleston- where I know it will be warmer and sunnier {because it's basically perfect there}. We also have some upcoming weddings and beach trips planned out to the Hamptons in July.

Having all these events and trips to look forward to definitely helps get through these cold rainy days but it also invites an online shopping temptation {and the struggle is REAL!}. I'm definitely someone who invests in their handbags and shoes but that's really it. When it comes to everyday looks, I can find just as pretty dresses for $70 as the ones with the $200 plus price tag. Plus, sticking to a budget also means I can purchase more than 1 or 2 new pieces and that really seals the deal for me. 

I've rounded up some of my favorite dresses under $100 that won't break the bank and are also classic pieces that you can wear into the early fall and even wear summer after summer. After all, there's nothing really better than a pretty dress with a pretty price tag. 

Switching to Natural Skincare with Goop

I recently went through a HUGE change in my skin. These days I've been counting myself lucky to have escaped my teens and college years with clear skin. And even more so, my wedding day and all the festivities that lead up to it!! I'm still a bit unsure how or why it happened but the week we returned from our honeymoon back in September, my skin changed and I've been battling it ever since. 

At first, I thought it was the water in St. Lucia or the fact that I got sunburned so I figured my skin was just incredibly dry. Multiple sheet masks and weeks later, my skin was only getting worse! The worst part, these were not the type of pimples I was used to seeing pop up occasionally, they were deep under my skin and they were so incredibly painful! They were mostly on my chin and jawline so around the holidays I decided to do some research. Basically the first thing that came up in google was that it was 'hormonal cystic acne'. I didn't want to run to the dermatologist because I figured they'd probably tell me the same things I was already reading. There were so many potential reasons why this happened and I was determined to get to the bottom of it. 

The first possible solution I tried was changing my diet. I immediately cut out dairy for 2 weeks to see what would happen. There really wasn't any change. I already try to be as gluten-free as possible (I actually have an allergy that effects my stomach) so I cut it out completely for those 2 weeks. Again, no improvement at all. My skin only felt like it was getting worse but on a positive note, I definitely did have more energy and was sleeping a bit better! So...silver lining?

Then, more water. More water. More water and then some more water. I have always been so bad at drinking more than a glass or two per day. But I figured, having turned 30 right after our honeymoon, drinking more water each day could only help. Again, no real change in my skin but I definitely felt less tired during the day.

Next culprit: hormone-imbalancing products that most people use on a daily basis. This included basically everything I used in my day-to-day life: hand soap, shampoo, face wash, lotions, cleaning products that I'd use to clean my kitchen counters, burning candles in our home; after tons of research I discovered that all these products contained hormone-imbalancing chemicals. I had a friend who I knew had switched to clean, organic living, Marissa (her blog is amazing BTW), and she encouraged me to make the switch and also introduced me to essential oils (more on that in an upcoming post!). One placed order for an essential oils starter kit and one (massive) trip to Whole Foods later, I had swapped out everything in my home for toxin-free alternatives.

This lifestyle change is what led me to the goop brand when it came to my skincare. I had heard amazing things about the brand in the past, but to be honest I had ruled it out because of the price tag. I started to hear more and more beauty bloggers rave about it and since I was in the market for a whole new facial care system, I decided to reach out to their team. You guys, I couldn't be happier with them. The products are all-natural and highly concentrated, so you don't need to apply a lot. I got the discovery kit (you can check it out here), which included a daytime moisturizer, a night cream, a face oil (my favorite) and a mask called the "Exfoliating Instant Facial". Full disclosure, the facial mask tingles a bit if you have slightly sensitive skin but it works absolute wonders. I really do feel like I've gotten a facial when I wash it off. I also use an ice pack on my face afterward for a little bit to cool it down and help close my pores. 

So far, I think the goop products have been really improving my skin's texture. Since I made all these lifestyle changes at once: diet, water, toxin-free and organic living, etc., I really can't say for sure that I owe my skin improvement to the products alone, but I do know for sure that they have helped keep my skin hydrated and more firm. 

I encourage anyone interested in goop products to definitely give the 'discovery kit' a try, this way you can sample a little bit of everything before you spend bigger bucks on the individual products.

*this post is NOT sponsored. All opinions and experiences are my own.*

Spring Style with Talbots

Bow Flat Mules c/o | White Flutter Sleeve Blouse c/o | Distressed Denim | Cult Gaia Bag | Sunglasses 

Confession: I came across these bow flat mules on Pinterest a few weeks ago and in under one minute, I had tracked them down and added them to my cart. I was so pleasantly surprised to see where they came from and even more pleasantly surprised when the brand was willing to collaborate with me! When I was growing up, Talbots was the store my mom would take me to when she was shopping for my grandmother and for herself. Usually she was looking for something simple and classic like a sweater-set or a perfectly tailored pant. I had put the brand in my memory's classic-mom-wear category and moved on. So, a few weeks ago I was truly happy to have been brought back to them! Their brand has definitely grown and I was excited to see trendy pieces on their website like bell sleeves and flutter sleeves, chambray tops and ankle strap heels. They also have a great selection of floral dresses and tops that are so perfect for spring! 

Here are just a few of my favorites. I honestly had trouble limiting my selections.  I love the direction this brand is headed and I hope that keep it up! 

P.S. - I'm thinking this dress will be my Easter look this year!!


Pleated Bell Sleeves


Pleated Bell Sleeve Blouse | Gucci Marmont Bag | Black Jeans | Gorjana Gold Ring Stack | Celine Sunglasses | Black Pumps

It's no lie that bell sleeves have been having more than their moment this season. I fell in love back in the fall and haven't looked back. They are so feminine and fun! When I came across this one with the pleated detail, I couldn't get enough. This whole look has been on repeat for me this season. Let's be honest, no one can go wrong with black skinny jeans and a crisp white blouse. It's always been my go-to combo for meetings and business lunches. I feel tailored and professional but also fun and trendy with the blouse's details. 

In other good news, I'm no longer having "buyer's" remorse about this Gucci bag! My husband purchased it for me for my 30th birthday back in the fall and I had felt so guilty because I knew how expensive it was. Now that I've had it for a few months, I know I'm getting his money's worth! I use it almost every single day and I couldn't love it any more. Corny as it is, I also love that it's a daily reminder of him. 

Also, I love that greenery has returned to DC! Bye, jackets and dead trees, Hello, beautiful warm spring!

Spring Home Decor

Tassel Pillows | Succulents | Moroccan Panel Wall Art | Decorative Bowl | Gold Cheese Knives | 'Namaste In Bed' Print | Palm Leaf Print | Ice Cream Spoons | White Marble Picture Frame | Coconut Oil Diffuser | Gold Candle | Wifey & Hubby Mug Set | Soap Dispenser | Tassel Puff Pillow | Gold Mesh Lamp | Voluspa Room Spray | Canvas Bin | Textured Bath Towel | Linen Bench


The start of spring always puts me in the mood to clean and re-organize. To keep our home feeling fresh, I like to invest in a few new pieces of decor at the start of each season. These pieces are a bit random but all caught my eye while browsing on Nordstrom's website. Just adding a new lamp in a room, or buying a brand new set of towels, or a new decorative pillow - tiny changes can make such a difference to make any room in your home feel new. I even rearrange some furniture to help give some rooms a really fun extra update.

Most of these items are under $100 and can be used year round so they're definitely worth it. I prefer to stick with neutral colors in my home to keep our rooms bright and clean looking {dark furniture and decor tend to make a space seem smaller}. Sticking with this palette also ensures that anything new we buy continues to compliment what we already have in our place!

House Hunting

Starting the first time home buying process has me feeling all types of feelings! Excitement is definitely a big one but stress and anxiety have managed to creep in there as well. Patrick and I know we want to stay living in this city {for now} and since his job is here in DC, we think purchasing something would be a smart business decision for us in the long run. The best part about DC is that it's a really transient city, there are always people coming and going, so we talk about anything we buy having the potential to become an income property when we do leave this city eventually {our eyes are on you, Charleston!}

Over the past few months we've been looking at newly renovated townhomes and condos to get an idea for spaces and home values in our area. Everything has been really nice, but SO expensive! In addition to the high city prices, we're constantly finding things wrong with the home design, appliances, even down to the little details like the base boards and hardware. My husband is an architect and over the past 10 years we've been together, I've become so much more aware of spaces and construction details I would have never noticed before I met him. After stopping by a listing last week, we spent close to 2 hours discussing everything we'd change about the townhouse. We're starting to realize that we might just be too picky to buy something already newly renovated. Between Patrick's career and passion for building and design and my love for interior spaces, we know we won't be 100% happy unless we design the space ourselves. And so the hunt for the perfect fixer upper begins! We know we'll make a great team, but it will definitely be a huge project to take on in addition to both having full time jobs. Still, it's a really exciting prospect for us, as we sip our Saturday morning coffees and binge watch HGTV every weekend.

In the meantime, I've been going crazy on Pinterest {follow along here!}. I've found so much inspiration that makes me so hopeful we could make anything really beautiful. My husband is amazing at what he does and even though this would be his first residential project, I have full confidence that even the worst eye-sore on the block would become our mini dream home by the time he was done with it. Plus, we talk about it being great experience for when we design our real suburban dream home someday - a goal of ours.

I'm looking forward to keeping you all posted on the search, and if we do end up with a fixer upper, I'll definitely be documenting the entire renovation!

*all images via Pinterest*

Goals Goals Goals

Styled Stock 36.jpg

I've taken a lot of time over the past week to really reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future. 2016 was really an amazing year for me, both professionally and personally but it was definitely filled with ups and downs. Launching my second business, a social media consulting company, blogging and planning a wedding was really challenging. Wedding planning was insanely stressful, and being someone who has always suffered from anxiety, the multitasking often made me counterproductive. I spent many days last year with To Do lists pages long and not knowing where to start. When I think back on it, I know there was one main thing missing from my life: balance. This has always been a struggle because of my anxiety {I tend to get overwhelmed easily and shut down} but turning 30 a few months ago helped put things into perspective. I basically decided that I've been standing in my own way. Not that anxiety is anything close to a choice, but I decided that if I can't control it I need to learn to cope with it much better than I have been. I don't really have the luxury of  "shutting down" anymore. I have a family to think about {Patrick and I have starting talking about next big steps like buying a house and having children} and I also have a brand to build so that I can continue to be my own boss and kick ass every day.

So that brings me to what this post is really about: GOALS. I've always been a To Do list maker and this has become my 2017 Master List for work and my personal life.




GOAL #1: Blogging. I call myself a " fashion blogger" but when I'm being honest with myself I'm definitely more of an "fashion instagramer". I post more on my social platforms than I have been on here, mainly for convenience and lack of time reasons but I really want that to change. I'm aiming to start blogging at least 3 times a week. 

GOAL #2: Brand Growth. Basically, as I tell my own clients, there's a "if you build it they will come" component {aka consistency} but it's also about organic and intentional content. In addition to blogging more frequently I want to really focus on quality content and contributing something. It's one thing to have a voice but another thing to have a voice everyone wants to listen to. I think if I focus on this and throw consistency into the mix, I'll see the growth I'm hoping for this year.

GOAL #3: Saying "NO" More. Since this was my first year having a blog and growing a presence on social media, I said yes to a ton of opportunities that I shouldn't have. Many unpaid brand promotions and collaborations that took up a lot of my time and my own personal money in certain cases (i.e. ubering to shoot locations, etc.) It was tough valuing myself higher than my number of followers but I've learned that those numbers don't mean very much these days with other "bloggers" and "influencers" buying them or participating in loop giveaways (a major sell-out!). I've learned to value the right things about my brand, the aesthetic I've created and my 100% organic and high engagement rate. 

GOAL #4: Career Posts. Originally when I launched this website, I intended it to be a entrepreneurial and career blog. With some encouragement from some other blogger babes and personal friends early on, I added the fashion blog and it became a huge passion and my main focus. I left the CAREER section of this website without much love. But more posts are coming soon and I hope to post about career topics just as much as outfit posts. 




GOAL #1: Coping Better with Anxiety & Stress

GOAL #2: Read More Books

GOAL #3: Travel More

GOAL #4: Weekly Date Nights

GOAL #5: Workout 5x Week

GOAL #6: Skincare Routine


Dear Santa....

Pom Pom Sweater | Pink Bow Blouse | Cat Eye Sunglasses | Jo Malone Perfume | GlamGlow Moisturizer | Fringe Scarf | Tassel Earrings | Black Suede Boots | YSL Clutch | Pink Suede Ballet Flats | Bell Sleeve Blouse | Infinity Scarf | Givenchy Bag | Gucci Belt | La Mer Moisturizer | Crystal Earrings | Camel Sweater


I can't believe there's only 12 days until Christmas! Even though I really don't know where the time has gone, I'm excited that it's finally here. Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday and I'm counting down the days until I'm home with my parents, their massive 20 ft. tall Christmas tree and watching the Polar Express with my sister in our matching Christmas PJ's! Plus, it's the hubs and my first married Christmas together so that makes this year even more exciting and incredibly special!

Every year, I usually have my Christmas shopping done by Cyber Monday but this year I was slacking a little bit. Work has been crazy and that thing called life happens. But, I'm glad I took some more time because I ended up being a bit more creative with my gifting this year and I fell in love with some newly in stock items that I sent over to Santa. This year, I really needed a refresh on some staples: a new pair of black suede boots, a statement belt (trendy but also classic!), some new blouses, a new purse, new sunglasses and some other fun accessories and beauty products. There's usually one or two surprises under the tree, but these days I just like getting what I really need/want so I love picking it all out. 

Stay tuned for more fun Holiday Gift Guides to come! 12 days and counting!!

Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Olive Sweater | Black Crossbody Bag | Distressed Denim | Sunglasses | Bow Choker 

The weather has been so up and down in DC! One day it's warm enough for only sweaters and jeans and the next day I'm bundling up in my warmest winter jacket and accessories. Before it gets permanently cold, I'm savoring the days I don't need to grab my puffy coat.

This look was my go-to over the Thanksgiving holiday up in New York. It was such a mild few days, black denim and a rotation of cozy sweaters were on repeat. This season I've been crushing on olive green. I never really owned anything before in that color, but once I bought this sweater I couldn't get enough! It's still a neutral but adds a little something extra. It's also perfect to transition into the Christmas holiday season. The best news? It's currently on sale for under $50!

This look was also the first time {since middle school} I wore a choker! I love that the trend is back and it's definitely here to stay for quite a while. I've been stocking up on a few others like this one and this one to wear through the holidays and into spring. 

Updating Our Home With Fall Decor

Gold Feather Pillow | Gold Double Picture Frame | Faux Fur Trim Blanket | Glass Coffee Mugs | Fall Wreath | 'La Vie Est Belle' Print | Gold Feather Tray | Marble Coasters | Copper Candle | 'grateful' Mug | Pumpkins | Cable Knit Pillow | Gold Feather Bookends | Tree Bark Candle | 'Live Love Laugh' Wire Wall Art | Gold Resin Antler | Cable Knit Blanket {and here} | Wire Basket | 'Birchwood Pine' Scented Candle | Plaid ThrowStemless Wine Glasses 


Even though there's a chill in the air outside, the inside of our home is so warm! I love breaking out the pumpkin spice candles, the thick cable knit and fur throws and the rest of our fall decor. Although I store and reuse most of our decor year after year, I always purchase a few new pieces every October to really get us in the fall/holiday spirit. We also tend to entertain the most in the fall, so adding new little things here and there always helps to keep our space feeling fresh and updated. 

Obviously, there's a color theme in our home: whites and neutrals. These bright, clean colors help keep our small space from feeling too dark or crowded.  I also love adding touches of gold, especially this time of year, because of the warmth they add to the space. This year, my favorite new items are this cable knit throw and this gold feather tray!

Workwear Chic with LOFT

Bow Blouse (similar herehere and here) | Black Denim | Cat Eye Sunglasses | Crossbody Bag | Black Suede Pumps | Gold Watch


Workwear has changed (for the better!) so much over the past decades of fashion. Women used to only be considered "dressed appropriately" in a pencil skirt or pants suit, but office environments have progressed and the fashion has definitely followed. There are more and more offices that allow business casual attire, and as long as you don't look sloppy (insert blue jeans and flip flop sandals, yikes!) there's so much more you can get away with.

 I don't work in an office but I do have multiple meetings during the week and that means having to pull myself together and look presentable. I always opt for white denim during the warmer months and black denim during the colder months and pair them with blouses or sweaters. For a more professional and put together look, I always tuck the blouse (or sweater) in and layer on some accessories like jewelry or a statement watch. I think there's always more to your overall look than just what you're wearing, so having your hair done- either blown out or curled- and rocking a fresh manicure always makes me feel so much more put together and confident!

I think blouses are a great investment and the most basic wardrobe staples. They transition so flawlessly season to season and year after year, making them so worth your money. I have a good amount of solid silk button downs in my closet in almost every color (and by "every color" I mean a few whites, blacks, neutrals and maybe there's a grey and maroon thrown in there). I also have some more trendy ones, a few patterned with stripes or polka dots. This fall the biggest trend with blouses has been the tie neck or bow blouse. I fell in love with this one from LOFT because of the beautiful black accents on the bow and the cuffs and I can wear it two ways: I button the blouse all the way up to the top and tie the bow at the top of the collar, or I keep a button or two open at the top and tie the bow lower so it hangs down for a little more of a laid back look. The fact that it was under $50 and I can wear it two ways, I was sold! I've linked a few more of my favorite bow blouses below.

Fall Flats Under $100

Fall is in full swing and for some reason it's always my busiest time of year. Between wedding season, holidays, errands,  meetings and traveling for work I feel like I'm constantly on the go from September-December. That being said, I usually invest in some new flats because I know I'll get a lot of use out of them. These are some of my favorites that are all under $100, including some  trendy options like the lace-ups and more classic options like the tassel and bow detailed ones.

Bell Sleeves + Wearing White After Labor Day

Bell Sleeve Sweater | White Denim | YSL crossbody | Sunglasses | Cocktail RingSandals

Whoever said you couldn't wear white after labor day, was definitely wrong! I've been pairing my white denim with neutral sweaters as the weather starts to change and have loved the outcome. I've also been sucked into the bell sleeve trend and I really can't get enough. I usually don't spend a lot of money on trendy items because I never know how long they'll be in style, so when I saw this Free People sweater and its price tag I knew I had to have it. 

This shoot was also the first time I styled my new YSL bag which was my first designer handbag purchase EVER! It was a really large investment but I got it for my wedding events and never looked back. I bought it in a neutral color so I could wear it with everything all year long, which was basically how I justified the price tag. But I love that I bought it for myself and the sentimental value that it holds, having worn it on some of the best days of my life. 

Shopbop Spend & Save Sale

Black Ripped Denim | Leopard Clutch | Tassel Necklace | Over The Knee Boots | Cowlneck Sweater | Blanket Coat {sold out but find it here} | Gold Watch | Black Crossbody Bag | Stud and Spike Earrings | Bow Ballet Flats | Off The Shoulder Top | Suede Knee-High Boots | Lace Bell Sleeve Top | Tory Burch Crossbody {sold out but find it here} | High-Rise Distressed Denim


It's that time of the year: The Spend More & Save More Shopbop Sale is on! For the next 3 days the entire Shopbop website is basically on sale and, for me, that means it's time to take advantage of the savings. This sale always feels like I'm being rewarded for shopping and I'm not quite sure there's anything better than that. I try to be as strategic as possible for this sale. I only purchase the items I know that I'll get tons of use out of all season long and splurge items that I've had my eye on but couldn't afford without a discount. I tend to wait until sales like this to buy quality items like cashmere,  leather or suede boots, new denim and designer handbags.  I usually stick to the wardrobe basics (never splurge on trends that will be here today and gone tomorrow!) and a neutral color pallet, especially when I buy new tops and sweaters because I know I'll get the most use out of them. 

Save 25% off all orders up to $500 and 30% off all orders over $500. Use code 'MAINEVENT16' at checkout!

Transitioning to Fall with Coach

Bag c/o Coach | Top | Jeans | Sunglasses | Shoes | Watch

There's finally a crisp breeze in the air and it has me so excited for the months to come! We have weddings to go to almost every weekend in October all over the country and I feel like the next time I get to spend a weekend at home, I'll be bundled up in layers and big socks on the couch. That being said, I'm savoring every last second of this month, my tan and my sandals! 

This shoot was so fun but a little bittersweet because it was my last collaboration with Coach. I became one of their digital influencers back in the spring and worked on a campaign with them all summer long. They truly are an amazing brand and have come so far! The brand's style has totally evolved over the past few years and has become so chic and sophisticated. I know I said this about all the bags they sent me but this one, the 'Rogue 25' Leather Satchel, hands down was my favorite! I love a great camel-colored bag in the fall and I also love the structure of this one. After a while, I feel like some leather bags loose their shape but this one has held up so well. I plan to put it to great use in the months ahead!

Wishing an official happy fall to you all!

Fall Style with Nordstrom

one {similar here} | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

The weather has been so hard to judge the past few weeks and I'm sure it will feel the same way into October. Some days I'm throwing on a sundress and flip flops to walk Chloe and other days I'm reaching for denim and a sweater. This week, I've been nursing the most awful cold and even though it's been back in the 90's outside, I've spent the entire week in bed wearing cozy layers. When I wasn't napping, I may or may not have done a little online shopping, {make that definitely}, so I thought I'd share what I've purchased lately.

At the beginning of each season, I try to stick with buying wardrobe staples that I know will be a good investment. I always head to Nordstrom's website because they have the largest selection of items at all different price points. {I'll say here that this post is NOT sponsored, I simply love everything they have to offer and you can return items any time which just makes life easier!} This week, I focused on my favorite items in every category: a new blouse {under $50!}, a new pair of suede boots, distressed denim {under $100!}, a new crossbody bag, sweater and then fun jewelry and accessories I could wear with everything. I think it's safe to say I did some damage but I absolutely love everything and I already know I'm going to be able to wear each item multiple times over the next few months and even into next spring.

Coach Collaboration Pt.3

Dress {similar here and here}| Bag c/o Coach | Shoes | Sunglasses

It feels so good to be back {again!}. My wedding was three weeks ago and I have no idea where the time has gone but I finally feel like I'm back to normal life. I'm SO looking forward to getting back to working and blogging every day and never talking about wedding details ever again. Planning totally consumed my life! Endless kudos to all the blogger babes out there and working women who planned their own wedding AND worked every day - I applaud you! 

This weekend was the first one my husband {ah! so awesome!} and I were finally back in DC together. We filled the weekend with tons of errand running, mostly registry returns, and eating out since our fridge is still empty. Yesterday, we went to Eastern Market (a must-experience flea market if you're in DC!} to walk around, have lunch, and grab some fresh produce and flowers. It was the perfect opportunity to shoot this gorgeous Coach bag! I love a good neutral-colored bag in the fall and this one is just perfect. Since it's still really hot in DC, I paired it with a shirtdress and sandals but I can't wait to style it with my favorite denim and boots. Cozy sweater weather is around the corner and I can't wait!

Coach Collaboration Part 2

Bag c/o Coach | Dress | Shoes | Sunglasses 

It's so good to be back! The past month has been only slightly insane. After my last 4 posts didn't save properly and disappeared into some sort of Internet abyss, I decided to take a little break from blogging. I also had an upcoming Bridal Brunch to plan, contrary to some of my family's more traditional preferences, I really wanted to plan my own event so I got my mom and sister on board and got started! A girl only gets one bridal shower and one wedding and I wanted them both to be events that directly represented my style and taste. I'm also a quintessential Type A person, so I hate surprises and I love being able to organize everything. In hindsight, it was incredibly beautiful- truly all I could have asked for and more, but I definitely bit off a bit more than I could chew. In addition to my day job (social media consulting & web design) I spent endless hours, nights and weekends over the past month planning this brunch down to the custom cocktail napkins and edible flowers for the cocktails. Was it all worth it? I think so because I had such an incredible day, but I also think I was overly focused on small details that were probably overlooked by many of the guests.  Either way, I'm so excited to be bringing you guys a post all about it soon and sharing all the photos with you, so stay tuned!

Now, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and aiming to start posting at least 3 times per week on the blog. With our wedding rapidly approaching {only 2 months to go!}, I can't make any promises but I'm definitely going to try! This recent Coach collaboration has been so exciting and empowering for me as a newbie blogger and as a small business owner. There's 1 more round to go, but this one was definitely my favorite so far. Not only was it really fun to shoot but it took me out of my style comfort zone a bit. I've never owned a handbag that didn't have gold hardware and when I received this beautiful white bag and saw the gunmetal hardware, my first reaction was that it was a bit "too edgy" for me. I decided to style it with a floral and feminine dress and fun fringe heels and I absolutely loved the result. It felt completely like me and it actually was nice not sticking to the same old style I was used to. I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to fashion, I find it's beauty lies in whatever makes me feel most confident so I was pleasantly pleased to have loved this look so much. I've used the bag everyday since and plan to keep it on my arm all summer long. It's also the perfect size, I had been used to larger bags that I'd have to dig through for 45 minutes just to find my keys or chapstick. This one is large enough to fit everything I need (which is still a lot) but small enough that I don't feel like I'm reaching into Mary Poppins handbag {anyone know what I'm talking about??} 

Spring Decor Update

Pillow 1 & 2 | Flatware | Lamps | Candle | Arrow | Towels | Nightstand | MirrorRecord Player | Wall Decor | Coasters | Succulents | Nesting Boxes

There's something about the spring season that always gets me in the mood to completely redecorate our home. Since we have our wedding, honeymoon and six friend's weddings this summer, we've been on a tight budget. While we could really use a new couch, mattress and some other high price tag items, I've made some smaller updates to our space that have made such a difference. It's amazing how purchasing some new home decor like lamps, pillows and fresh towels can make your home feel so refreshed. It also changes the vibe. I don't know about you, but I get so bored looking at everything in its same place every day. So since we can't purchase all the decor we'd really like to right now, I reorganize a lot of the items that we already have to mix it up a bit. This combo of rearranging and adding some fun new pieces into the mix is key!

Here are some of the items we added to our home recently; including some succulents, a fun record player to play our old Frank Sinatra records when we cook, a new mirror for our bedroom and new nightstand lamps. The best part is most of the items are under $150 and some were even under $50!

Coach Collaboration

Bag c/o Coach | Dress | Shoes | Sunglasses | Bracelet and here

True story: when I received an email asking if I wanted to collaborate with Coach and become one of their Spring Campaign Influencers, I initially thought it was spam. I actually forwarded the email immediately to a close blogger friend to evaluate it for me. It seemed legit to us, but when Coach sent over an actual contract, I had a serious pinch-me moment. I couldn't believe this huge and amazing brand had actually found me on Instagram and reached out to me. The moral of the story is never underestimate yourself! Looking back on it now, I'm actually a little disappointed in myself for how shocked I was. I had been so caught up in my number of followers, I didn't take into consideration the largest asset in social media and blogging today: engagement. {This is also why it's so important to grow a slow and 100% authentic and organic following, but more on that in a future post!} 

Not only has this collaboration made me realize the value of my brand and social platforms but it also made me value myself personally and realize how far I've come. I mentioned on Instagram earlier this week, but when I got my first ever job in high school, I saved up my paychecks to buy myself a Coach handbag {the one with the 'C's' all over it, if you started high school in the late 90's you probably know the one I'm talking about!}. It was the bag all the cool girls had and I just had to have it. I remember working so hard toward that goal, and now as I sit here and type this post I'm appreciating my hard work paying off again. I think as a blogger it's so easy to be influenced by numbers- how many followers you have, how many likes you're getting, etc. -but blogging really isn't about that today since many people just purchase those things. I've come to realize that blogging, and being any type of digital influencer, is 100% about the content you're single-handedly curating and the value that brands see you bringing to the table. I'm so proud of the brand I've built for myself and I never want numbers to be the metrics I use to measure my success. It's opportunities like this that I'm really proud of. If any of you other girl bosses have similar stories, please share in the comments section!

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