Valentine's Day Traditions & Gifts For Her


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This Valentine's Day is definitely one I'm cherishing because it's the last one we'll ever have before we're married!! Patrick and I have been together for 8 years and living together for almost 4, so our lives really will basically be the same once we're married and we're hoping our traditions will be too. 

Valentine's Day used to be a big deal for us. We used to do what honestly always felt like the obligatory romantic dinner date at a really nice restaurant up until a few years ago. We made a reservation at a really trendy place in DC for dinner and after a few minutes we both looked up around the room. It looked like an assembly line of tables for 2 and the couples on either sides of us were sitting on the same sides of the table making out. We immediately started laughing and decided from then on, we'd spend our Valentine's Day together in our own home. We also had gotten a dog together the year before and both of us just wanted to be home with her too- our little family. From then on, it was fresh filets from the market and a great bottle of wine, that probably would have cost just as much as our restaurant tip. Being home every year and cooking together is really the best date I could ask for. We always throw on Frank Sinatra Pandora and sing and dance and it feels so good to be in our own space together. Some years we dress up and some years we're in our sweats. It's just always a fun night that feels easy- there's no uber to order or reservation to get to on time. 

This year, Valentine's Day is during New York Fashion Week but my plan is to be home in time for dinner on Sunday. We usually do a gift exchange, but this year we're both putting the money aside for our honeymoon. If we weren't, here are the items I've had my eye on. I've been crushing on everything blush colored and it's the perfect color to transition into spring. I've been dreaming about purchasing this bag and I recently purchased these amazing fringe sandals! What are your Valentine's Day traditions?