Valentine's Day Sweet Little Things

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Silk Pajama Set | Gucci Perfume | Nude Lace Bralette | Slip Silk Pillowcase | Stila Lipstick | Rose Gold Watch | Miss Dior Body Lotion | Slip Silk Eye Mask | Kendra Scott Druzy EarringsBody Oil | Jo Malone Perfume | Bath Salts {on sale right now!} | Drawstring Sweatshirt | Chloe Crossbody Bag | Black Lace Bralette | Michael Kors Handbag | Bow Suede Mules | 'love' decal | J. Crew Vintage Pajama Set


Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. Patrick and I don't do anything crazy - we gave up on going out to dinner years ago. We had been seated next to one too many couples sitting on the same side of the booth, making out in between courses (no joke) and the restaurants always made us feel like we were on some sort of assembly line. I also felt like being out around tons of other people took away from the intimacy of the holiday. So, for the past few years we've opted for comfy clothes, cooking a new recipe at home that we've never tried before and putting our money towards an amazing bottle of wine.

Last year we added in the tradition of cooking and eating dinner to our wedding playlist (all the approved songs we had sent to our band), which means a few hours filled with Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Van Morrison and some classic 70's favorites - Earth Wind and Fire, Michael get the picture. It adds a fun twist now that we're married, like we're re-living our reception- dancing around like weirdos and drinking in our kitchen but we get to be "us". It kind of makes me laugh thinking about our first few Valentine's Days together when we started dating, getting dolled up and forcing conversation sitting across from one another. Staying home may not be everyone's idea of a great night, but it's definitely ours. 

I'm not a fan of surprise gifts, after 10 and a half years together, Patrick knows this. When I really need something, I let him know and vice versa. We're both practical when it comes to not wanting to waste money. We're not made of money either so our rule is small gifts OR you can opt-out and save up holidays for something bigger. I, personally, love the opt-out option. Last year, I combined my birthday, our anniversary and Christmas and Patrick got me a beautiful classic Gucci bag I had been eyeing forever. This past year, Patrick and I both opted out of gifts for our anniversary and Christmas to put our money toward our future trip to Greece (that we hope to take this summer)! For a little Valentine's Day gift, I've been eyeing these silk pajamas and these bath salts...but I'm also tempted to opt-out for this Chloe bag at some point in the future.

Whether you're sending gift ideas to your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, or just plain practicing self-love next week (YES, girl, YESl!), here are my favorite gift ideas- curated with love by me!

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