Fall Sweaters


I love everything about fall: pumpkin spice lattes, roasted butternut squash dinners, the gorgeous foliage (#basic, I know). But fall fashion is definitely my favorite part. There's something so easy and so comfortable about throwing on leggings and a big sweater everyday. For me, working from home, it feels like I'm dressed for the day but also like I'm wearing warm pajamas and I love it. When I have plans at night, I swap out my cotton leggings for some leather ones or jeans and I'm ready to go. 

I used to think of sweaters as an investment: something like, the higher the price-tag the better the quality and longer they'd last. But I was dead wrong on that one. The amount of $200 J. Crew sweaters that I've shrunk is maddening. The truth is, any sweater that's being worn or washed a lot is going to start looking ragged. So, I've been finding some amazing options with price tags that make me a lot happier. Here are some of my favorites for this season:


Wednesday Wants


Jeans | Hat | Bracelet 1 & 2 | Skirt | Bag | Sunglasses | Boots | Poncho | Cape | Shirt | Heels | Tote

I love online shopping but it wasn't always that way. I used to love going to stores and trying everything on but the more I online shopped the more I realized how simple and stress-free it was. I could search for the exact items I was looking for within the categories and price-range I wanted and spare myself the hassle of filtering through endless racks. Also, it really helped prevent me from impulse buying. I always put items in my cart or save them to my favorites list for a few days before making a final purchase decision {seeing your total always helps too!}. Plus, with discount promo codes just a google search away it really can't be beat. 

Lately, I've been eyeing so many new items for fall. This weather has been so up and down but I'm hoping it stays on the warmer side a little bit longer. I'm loving capes and ponchos like this one and this one and running out in easy outfits like jeans and a flannel. I'm planning to invest in a new fall handbag and I've been stalking this Rebecca Minkoff one for long enough. I also love staple accessories that I can wear everyday like these sunglasses and this bracelet.

I budget every month so I'm thinking about purchasing some of the items under $100 and waiting to see if some of the pricier items go on sale over the next few weeks. There's nothing worse than purchasing an item and then seeing it on sale the following week {been there!}, so I try to practice patience when the price tags are high. Or, I give up the less expensive items in order to purchase an investment piece {hello, Rebecca Minkoff handbag!}.