Fall Sweaters


I love everything about fall: pumpkin spice lattes, roasted butternut squash dinners, the gorgeous foliage (#basic, I know). But fall fashion is definitely my favorite part. There's something so easy and so comfortable about throwing on leggings and a big sweater everyday. For me, working from home, it feels like I'm dressed for the day but also like I'm wearing warm pajamas and I love it. When I have plans at night, I swap out my cotton leggings for some leather ones or jeans and I'm ready to go. 

I used to think of sweaters as an investment: something like, the higher the price-tag the better the quality and longer they'd last. But I was dead wrong on that one. The amount of $200 J. Crew sweaters that I've shrunk is maddening. The truth is, any sweater that's being worn or washed a lot is going to start looking ragged. So, I've been finding some amazing options with price tags that make me a lot happier. Here are some of my favorites for this season: