Switching to Natural Skincare with Goop


I recently went through a HUGE change in my skin. These days I've been counting myself lucky to have escaped my teens and college years with clear skin. And even more so, my wedding day and all the festivities that lead up to it!! I'm still a bit unsure how or why it happened but the week we returned from our honeymoon back in September, my skin changed and I've been battling it ever since. 

At first, I thought it was the water in St. Lucia or the fact that I got sunburned so I figured my skin was just incredibly dry. Multiple sheet masks and weeks later, my skin was only getting worse! The worst part, these were not the type of pimples I was used to seeing pop up occasionally, they were deep under my skin and they were so incredibly painful! They were mostly on my chin and jawline so around the holidays I decided to do some research. Basically the first thing that came up in google was that it was 'hormonal cystic acne'. I didn't want to run to the dermatologist because I figured they'd probably tell me the same things I was already reading. There were so many potential reasons why this happened and I was determined to get to the bottom of it. 

The first possible solution I tried was changing my diet. I immediately cut out dairy for 2 weeks to see what would happen. There really wasn't any change. I already try to be as gluten-free as possible (I actually have an allergy that effects my stomach) so I cut it out completely for those 2 weeks. Again, no improvement at all. My skin only felt like it was getting worse but on a positive note, I definitely did have more energy and was sleeping a bit better! So...silver lining?

Then, more water. More water. More water and then some more water. I have always been so bad at drinking more than a glass or two per day. But I figured, having turned 30 right after our honeymoon, drinking more water each day could only help. Again, no real change in my skin but I definitely felt less tired during the day.

Next culprit: hormone-imbalancing products that most people use on a daily basis. This included basically everything I used in my day-to-day life: hand soap, shampoo, face wash, lotions, cleaning products that I'd use to clean my kitchen counters, burning candles in our home; after tons of research I discovered that all these products contained hormone-imbalancing chemicals. I had a friend who I knew had switched to clean, organic living, Marissa (her blog is amazing BTW), and she encouraged me to make the switch and also introduced me to essential oils (more on that in an upcoming post!). One placed order for an essential oils starter kit and one (massive) trip to Whole Foods later, I had swapped out everything in my home for toxin-free alternatives.

This lifestyle change is what led me to the goop brand when it came to my skincare. I had heard amazing things about the brand in the past, but to be honest I had ruled it out because of the price tag. I started to hear more and more beauty bloggers rave about it and since I was in the market for a whole new facial care system, I decided to reach out to their team. You guys, I couldn't be happier with them. The products are all-natural and highly concentrated, so you don't need to apply a lot. I got the discovery kit (you can check it out here), which included a daytime moisturizer, a night cream, a face oil (my favorite) and a mask called the "Exfoliating Instant Facial". Full disclosure, the facial mask tingles a bit if you have slightly sensitive skin but it works absolute wonders. I really do feel like I've gotten a facial when I wash it off. I also use an ice pack on my face afterward for a little bit to cool it down and help close my pores. 

So far, I think the goop products have been really improving my skin's texture. Since I made all these lifestyle changes at once: diet, water, toxin-free and organic living, etc., I really can't say for sure that I owe my skin improvement to the products alone, but I do know for sure that they have helped keep my skin hydrated and more firm. 

I encourage anyone interested in goop products to definitely give the 'discovery kit' a try, this way you can sample a little bit of everything before you spend bigger bucks on the individual products.


*this post is NOT sponsored. All opinions and experiences are my own.*