Spring Home Decor


The start of spring always puts me in the mood to clean and re-organize. To keep our home feeling fresh, I like to invest in a few new pieces of decor at the start of each season. These pieces are a bit random but all caught my eye while browsing on Nordstrom's website. Just adding a new lamp in a room, or buying a brand new set of towels, or a new decorative pillow - tiny changes can make such a difference to make any room in your home feel new. I even rearrange some furniture to help give some rooms a really fun extra update.

Most of these items are under $100 and can be used year round so they're definitely worth it. I prefer to stick with neutral colors in my home to keep our rooms bright and clean looking {dark furniture and decor tend to make a space seem smaller}. Sticking with this palette also ensures that anything new we buy continues to compliment what we already have in our place!