Goals Goals Goals

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I've taken a lot of time over the past week to really reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future. 2016 was really an amazing year for me, both professionally and personally but it was definitely filled with ups and downs. Launching my second business, a social media consulting company, blogging and planning a wedding was really challenging. Wedding planning was insanely stressful, and being someone who has always suffered from anxiety, the multitasking often made me counterproductive. I spent many days last year with To Do lists pages long and not knowing where to start. When I think back on it, I know there was one main thing missing from my life: balance. This has always been a struggle because of my anxiety {I tend to get overwhelmed easily and shut down} but turning 30 a few months ago helped put things into perspective. I basically decided that I've been standing in my own way. Not that anxiety is anything close to a choice, but I decided that if I can't control it I need to learn to cope with it much better than I have been. I don't really have the luxury of  "shutting down" anymore. I have a family to think about {Patrick and I have starting talking about next big steps like buying a house and having children} and I also have a brand to build so that I can continue to be my own boss and kick ass every day.

So that brings me to what this post is really about: GOALS. I've always been a To Do list maker and this has become my 2017 Master List for work and my personal life.




GOAL #1: Blogging. I call myself a " fashion blogger" but when I'm being honest with myself I'm definitely more of an "fashion instagramer". I post more on my social platforms than I have been on here, mainly for convenience and lack of time reasons but I really want that to change. I'm aiming to start blogging at least 3 times a week. 

GOAL #2: Brand Growth. Basically, as I tell my own clients, there's a "if you build it they will come" component {aka consistency} but it's also about organic and intentional content. In addition to blogging more frequently I want to really focus on quality content and contributing something. It's one thing to have a voice but another thing to have a voice everyone wants to listen to. I think if I focus on this and throw consistency into the mix, I'll see the growth I'm hoping for this year.

GOAL #3: Saying "NO" More. Since this was my first year having a blog and growing a presence on social media, I said yes to a ton of opportunities that I shouldn't have. Many unpaid brand promotions and collaborations that took up a lot of my time and my own personal money in certain cases (i.e. ubering to shoot locations, etc.) It was tough valuing myself higher than my number of followers but I've learned that those numbers don't mean very much these days with other "bloggers" and "influencers" buying them or participating in loop giveaways (a major sell-out!). I've learned to value the right things about my brand, the aesthetic I've created and my 100% organic and high engagement rate. 

GOAL #4: Career Posts. Originally when I launched this website, I intended it to be a entrepreneurial and career blog. With some encouragement from some other blogger babes and personal friends early on, I added the fashion blog and it became a huge passion and my main focus. I left the CAREER section of this website without much love. But more posts are coming soon and I hope to post about career topics just as much as outfit posts. 




GOAL #1: Coping Better with Anxiety & Stress

GOAL #2: Read More Books

GOAL #3: Travel More

GOAL #4: Weekly Date Nights

GOAL #5: Workout 5x Week

GOAL #6: Skincare Routine