House Hunting


Starting the first time home buying process has me feeling all types of feelings! Excitement is definitely a big one but stress and anxiety have managed to creep in there as well. Patrick and I know we want to stay living in this city {for now} and since his job is here in DC, we think purchasing something would be a smart business decision for us in the long run. The best part about DC is that it's a really transient city, there are always people coming and going, so we talk about anything we buy having the potential to become an income property when we do leave this city eventually {our eyes are on you, Charleston!}

Over the past few months we've been looking at newly renovated townhomes and condos to get an idea for spaces and home values in our area. Everything has been really nice, but SO expensive! In addition to the high city prices, we're constantly finding things wrong with the home design, appliances, even down to the little details like the base boards and hardware. My husband is an architect and over the past 10 years we've been together, I've become so much more aware of spaces and construction details I would have never noticed before I met him. After stopping by a listing last week, we spent close to 2 hours discussing everything we'd change about the townhouse. We're starting to realize that we might just be too picky to buy something already newly renovated. Between Patrick's career and passion for building and design and my love for interior spaces, we know we won't be 100% happy unless we design the space ourselves. And so the hunt for the perfect fixer upper begins! We know we'll make a great team, but it will definitely be a huge project to take on in addition to both having full time jobs. Still, it's a really exciting prospect for us, as we sip our Saturday morning coffees and binge watch HGTV every weekend.


In the meantime, I've been going crazy on Pinterest {follow along here!}. I've found so much inspiration that makes me so hopeful we could make anything really beautiful. My husband is amazing at what he does and even though this would be his first residential project, I have full confidence that even the worst eye-sore on the block would become our mini dream home by the time he was done with it. Plus, we talk about it being great experience for when we design our real suburban dream home someday - a goal of ours.

I'm looking forward to keeping you all posted on the search, and if we do end up with a fixer upper, I'll definitely be documenting the entire renovation!


*all images via Pinterest*