Coach Collaboration Part 2


Bag c/o Coach | Dress | Shoes | Sunglasses 

It's so good to be back! The past month has been only slightly insane. After my last 4 posts didn't save properly and disappeared into some sort of Internet abyss, I decided to take a little break from blogging. I also had an upcoming Bridal Brunch to plan, contrary to some of my family's more traditional preferences, I really wanted to plan my own event so I got my mom and sister on board and got started! A girl only gets one bridal shower and one wedding and I wanted them both to be events that directly represented my style and taste. I'm also a quintessential Type A person, so I hate surprises and I love being able to organize everything. In hindsight, it was incredibly beautiful- truly all I could have asked for and more, but I definitely bit off a bit more than I could chew. In addition to my day job (social media consulting & web design) I spent endless hours, nights and weekends over the past month planning this brunch down to the custom cocktail napkins and edible flowers for the cocktails. Was it all worth it? I think so because I had such an incredible day, but I also think I was overly focused on small details that were probably overlooked by many of the guests.  Either way, I'm so excited to be bringing you guys a post all about it soon and sharing all the photos with you, so stay tuned!

Now, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and aiming to start posting at least 3 times per week on the blog. With our wedding rapidly approaching {only 2 months to go!}, I can't make any promises but I'm definitely going to try! This recent Coach collaboration has been so exciting and empowering for me as a newbie blogger and as a small business owner. There's 1 more round to go, but this one was definitely my favorite so far. Not only was it really fun to shoot but it took me out of my style comfort zone a bit. I've never owned a handbag that didn't have gold hardware and when I received this beautiful white bag and saw the gunmetal hardware, my first reaction was that it was a bit "too edgy" for me. I decided to style it with a floral and feminine dress and fun fringe heels and I absolutely loved the result. It felt completely like me and it actually was nice not sticking to the same old style I was used to. I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to fashion, I find it's beauty lies in whatever makes me feel most confident so I was pleasantly pleased to have loved this look so much. I've used the bag everyday since and plan to keep it on my arm all summer long. It's also the perfect size, I had been used to larger bags that I'd have to dig through for 45 minutes just to find my keys or chapstick. This one is large enough to fit everything I need (which is still a lot) but small enough that I don't feel like I'm reaching into Mary Poppins handbag {anyone know what I'm talking about??}