Spring Decor Update


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There's something about the spring season that always gets me in the mood to completely redecorate our home. Since we have our wedding, honeymoon and six friend's weddings this summer, we've been on a tight budget. While we could really use a new couch, mattress and some other high price tag items, I've made some smaller updates to our space that have made such a difference. It's amazing how purchasing some new home decor like lamps, pillows and fresh towels can make your home feel so refreshed. It also changes the vibe. I don't know about you, but I get so bored looking at everything in its same place every day. So since we can't purchase all the decor we'd really like to right now, I reorganize a lot of the items that we already have to mix it up a bit. This combo of rearranging and adding some fun new pieces into the mix is key!

Here are some of the items we added to our home recently; including some succulents, a fun record player to play our old Frank Sinatra records when we cook, a new mirror for our bedroom and new nightstand lamps. The best part is most of the items are under $150 and some were even under $50!