Travel Diary: Palm Beach


Every year for Easter my family travels to The Breakers in Palm Beach for a long holiday weekend getaway. I look forward to it each year because it's always the most relaxing 5 days and it's such a fun trip. I don't usually see my family between Christmas and Easter so when we all meet down at the hotel, it's really exciting. The past two years have been my favorite because Patrick has come along with us (ever since we got engaged!). I guess that's the thing about true love and relationships, even when I was with my own family, it never seemed quite complete without Patrick there. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but I just feel like a completely different person and enjoy them so much more when Patrick is there too. It just feels like my family is truly complete when we're all together. 

This year I collaborated with the amazing PR team at the hotel. They treated my entire family to an amazing lunch one afternoon at the Ocean House restaurant, overlooking one of the beautiful pools. Not only was the food incredible but it felt really nice being able to treat my family. My parents motto is always "save your money", so anytime I have tried to treat them to anything they never accept it. So this lunch felt really special to me. My family, and father especially, was so supportive when I quit my job to build my first company, Rack It Up, and all the ups and downs that went along with that. And now as I build my second company and my personal brand, it's nice to be able to give back to him any way that I possibly can. 

A special thanks again to The Breakers Hotel for their amazing service. I'm already counting down the days until we can be back! To shop some of my vacation looks from the trip, I've linked them below:


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