Workwear Chic with LOFT


Bow Blouse (similar herehere and here) | Black Denim | Cat Eye Sunglasses | Crossbody Bag | Black Suede Pumps | Gold Watch


Workwear has changed (for the better!) so much over the past decades of fashion. Women used to only be considered "dressed appropriately" in a pencil skirt or pants suit, but office environments have progressed and the fashion has definitely followed. There are more and more offices that allow business casual attire, and as long as you don't look sloppy (insert blue jeans and flip flop sandals, yikes!) there's so much more you can get away with.

 I don't work in an office but I do have multiple meetings during the week and that means having to pull myself together and look presentable. I always opt for white denim during the warmer months and black denim during the colder months and pair them with blouses or sweaters. For a more professional and put together look, I always tuck the blouse (or sweater) in and layer on some accessories like jewelry or a statement watch. I think there's always more to your overall look than just what you're wearing, so having your hair done- either blown out or curled- and rocking a fresh manicure always makes me feel so much more put together and confident!

I think blouses are a great investment and the most basic wardrobe staples. They transition so flawlessly season to season and year after year, making them so worth your money. I have a good amount of solid silk button downs in my closet in almost every color (and by "every color" I mean a few whites, blacks, neutrals and maybe there's a grey and maroon thrown in there). I also have some more trendy ones, a few patterned with stripes or polka dots. This fall the biggest trend with blouses has been the tie neck or bow blouse. I fell in love with this one from LOFT because of the beautiful black accents on the bow and the cuffs and I can wear it two ways: I button the blouse all the way up to the top and tie the bow at the top of the collar, or I keep a button or two open at the top and tie the bow lower so it hangs down for a little more of a laid back look. The fact that it was under $50 and I can wear it two ways, I was sold! I've linked a few more of my favorite bow blouses below.