How To Maximize A Small Office Space


My favorite thing about our apartment is the amount of natural light it gets. For the past 3 years, I had an office set up in our den that doesn't have any windows. A few months ago I began to realize that I was never working in there. Even when I'd start my mornings in the den, by mid-day I'd relocate to our kitchen or living room. It just felt like I was working in a closet. There wasn't any space in our living room for a desk so I turned my attention to our bedroom. There was a thin area of space that just housed a bench and some wall art so I decided to get creative. I found a small desk that was the perfect size for the wall. I loved that it had a drawer so I had a place to house business cards, notepads and some miscellaneous things that I've accumulated. I decided to keep the bench (not shown) and use it as my desk chair so when I wasn't working I could tuck it right underneath (space saver!). I also purchased fun prints to create a gallery wall that I wouldn't mind looking at each day.

Working from home isn't all it's cracked up to be, in my opinion. It gets lonely and there are tons of distractions. But the most important lesson I've learned is that in order to be productive you need a happy work space. When I'd sit at the desk in my dark den, I thought of every possible excuse I could to walk out and find distractions. Once I brought my office space out into the light, literally, it immediately became a place I wanted to be each day and my productivity directly reflected that. So, if you only have a small space to work within your apartment or home, invest some time into making it a place you want to be each day.  If you're searching for inspiration, Pinterest is such an awesome resource!  Shop some of my favorite home office decor below: