Favorite Flannel


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This weekend was really fun and low-key. My future sister-in-law came to visit and we filled the weekend with laughs, great food and endless glasses of wine. This Sunday also marked Patrick and my 8-year anniversary! It was crazy thinking that this was the last anniversary we'd ever celebrate as an unmarried couple. We decided to celebrate in our typical fashion: fresh cuts of filet mignon from the market and a really nice bottle of red wine. Even though we weren't alone, there was something really special about having his sister celebrating with us. 

The weather was so nice on Sunday we decided to walk to the market. I started off with a fur vest over my flannel, but it quickly became an unnecessary layer. This Rails LA flannel was an item I considered an investment last year since it was over $100, but it's paid for itself with the amount of times I've worn it. It's incredibly soft and thin and was really worth every penny. Here are some of my other favorite flannels that I plan to wear all season long: